Artist Statement

My works are explorations of material, surface, and gravity, in the pursuit of expressing an abstraction of self-portraiture. Control is an aspect that I value in my practice━ mainly, when or when not to exert it. By using gravity as more than a tool, but as a material in itself, I allow myself to relinquish my obsessive desire to control all aspects of the work. Embracing gravity allows me to find a sense of discovery and wonderment in the gray area of the “happy accident.” In these works I specifically seek for the paint to pour, drip, pool, and spill. I also combine these marks of gravity with playful colors and translucent surfaces, so that I may allow the paint to interact explicitly with light. The interaction of color and light creates an embodiment of the positive direction I find myself heading, while the forms created by the conversation between control and accident signify my acceptance of what I can or cannot control in my life.


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